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Check Engine Light

Engine Light Diagnostic

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We have the latest, state of the art, computers to effectively assist our diagnostic procedures. Our multiple diagnostics devices help diagnose:

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  • Check Engine lights
  • ABS lights
  • Tire lights
  • Air Bag lights
  • Emission faults

Our Advice (concerning Check Engine light):

  • Alerts electrical component failure
  • Alerts emissions problem
  • Alerts rough running
  • Ignoring these warning lights can cause further damage & increase repair bills

Automotive ServicesWhen your Check Engine light starts flashing, or you know your car needs some diagnostics, Wieland Automotive has the most up-to-date, state of the art equipment and years of experienced knowledge to service your vehicle properly. Our diagnostic computers allows us to read the symptoms of your vehicle and accurately pinpoint where and what trouble is harming your automobile. We can then take that diagnosis and talk you through a plan of what you’d like to do. Whether it’s airbag lights, ABS lights, or any other issue – we are well prepared to handle whatever automotive services your vehicle may need.
Providing engine light diagnostic in Depew, Elma, Lancaster, West Seneca, Cheektowaga, NY and Surrounding Areas.

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